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Artificial Intelligence & NLP

Latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing


Learn the latest research on AI and Natural Language Processing. We will explore the 5 stages of NLP, where we are currently and what's on the horizon. 


  • 5 Stages of NLP

  • Current view of AI/NLP technology and look into the future

  • Full day NLP workshop

Ideal for

  • C-Level Execs & CTOs

  • Data Scientists

  • Machine Learning 

  • Developers

Keynote Speaker

May 22, 2019


Alex Weidauer

Founder at Rasa

5 Stages of AI & NLP with Alex Weidauer

  • NLP Technology overview

  • 5 Stages of Bots

  • How to maximize current NLP abilities

Alexander Weidauer is co-founder and CEO of Rasa, the leading open source machine learning toolkit that lets developers expand bots beyond answering simple questions. Alexander studied Computer Science and Management, has worked for McKinsey and various tech startups before. Alexander was recently on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list.

Natural Language Generation for Conversational AI

  • Look at how to automatically generating natural language (NLG)

  • NLG Possibilities & Application

Sander Wubben.png

Sander Wubben

Co-founder & CTO at

While recent advances in Natural Language Understanding have ensured that conversational AI has gained a lot to traction in recent years, the output of chatbots and voice assistant is still very much fixed and robotic. In order to get chatbots that produce more diverse, personalised output they need to be able to automatically generate language. In this talk I discuss examples of natural language generation (NLG) for conversational AI with caveats and possible applications.

Learn how to make an AI powered NLP based Voice Bot

May 23, 2019

Workshop:  9am to 2:30pm

In this workshop, you will build  a customer service and/or marketing chatbot using Natural Language Processing. The bot can be deployed live to your website, Messenger, SMS or Voice. 



  • 4 Parts of a Bot

  • Design Mindset & 3 Basic Tension Points

  • IDEO’s Design Process & Creating Value

  • Chatbot Design Principles: fallbacks, 


9 am: Chatbot Design

Mehfuz Hossain

Co-Founder SmartLoop.Ai

10 am: Starting our Project

  • Overview of our Project

  • Designing our Conversational Flows

  • ​Using Plugins, API Calls to connect to 3rd party services.


Joseph Holguin

Co-Founder SmartLoop.Ai

  • Launching our Bot on Messenger & Voice

  • Test Bot with friends

11 am: Launching & Testing our Bot


12 pm: Lunch

Dustin Dye

Founder at BOTCOPY

  • Intent Classification

  • Entity Extraction 

  • Dialogue Management

1 pm: AI & NLP Fundamentals


Rob Lubow

Co-Founder at BOTCOPY

2:30 pm: Building using Rasa Stack

  • Understand how the open source Rasa Stack works 

  • Transfer your designed assistant into Rasa

  • Coding our bot in an online sandbox


Alex Weidauer

Founder at Rasa

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