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Design & Copy

In Depth Exploration of Conversational Design and Customer Relationship Building using Bots & Voice


Learn how the top conversational designers are using Chatbots and Voice to help both users and businesses effortlessly achieve their goals.


  • Conversational Design as a relationship tool

  • Conversational design frameworks

  • Using Copy to persuade

Ideal for

  • C-Level Execs & Product Managers/Owners

  • Design Agencies

  • Designers

Marketing Deep Dive

May 22, 2019


Dustin Dye

Founder at BOTCOPY


Rob Lubow

Co-founder & CMO @ Botcopy

Chatbot UX & Copy Masterclass

  • Bot Design Frameworks

  • Keys to Designing a great user experience

  • Metrics that matter

  • Perfecting your Copy

Conversational design is both an art and a science.


In this masterclass, Rob and Dustin will start by giving you an ideal mind map of what conversation design is really about and a design framework you can use in your project. Once you have a good foundation, they will move onto more advanced topics like user engagement, personalization,  copywriting and creating the ideal user experience. 

About BotCopy

Imagine if you could get copywriting help from Hollywood script writers... Enter Rob and Dustin. Rob and Dustin are co-founder of BotCopy, an LA based Bot/AI design firm that helps build bots for enterprises while designing the perfect user experience. They have worked clients like Swelly, RedBull, Amazon .Bot, and many many more.

Knowing Exactly what to Say: Hacking Bot Persuasion using Psychometrics

  • What is Psychometrics

  • Big 5 Personality Theory

  • Know What to Say, When to Say it, and How to Say it!


Stefan Kojouharov

Founder at Chatbots Life

Bonus Talk: In today's world, there is an enormous amount of data on each and every one of us. The reason why companies like Facebook and Google are so valuable is because they leverage this data to help their advertisers sell more products to us than anyone else. Nevertheless, the data they have has limitations. For example, they might know what you want, for example the Lexus ad that keeps following you online, however they don't know why you want it. Furthermore, they don't know how you think about that Lexus and all of the motivations that contribute to your desire to purchase the car, however this is about to change. With psychometrics we can pin down primary motivations and create corresponding personalized messages that will increase purchases. Imagine if Lexus could personalized the messaging to such an extent that the people looking to buy a Lexus because for reliablility reasons get a reliability message and the people looking to buy a Lexus because it's such a sexy car, get a sexy car message. This is the future of bots, know exactly what to say!

Stefan is the founder of Chatbots Life, one of the most popular bot publication in the world with over 3M visitors annually. 

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