AI Voice Summit in New York City


AI Voice Summit in NYC 2019 welcomed attendees and practitioners from a number industries such as Banking, Finance, Technology, Government, E-commerce, Healthcare, Media, Retail and many more. 

200+ Attendees

AI Voice Summit features speakers from companies like Google, Rasa, IBM Watson, Intuit, Walmart, Facebook, 1-800 Flowers, Amazon, Wells Fargo, and many more.

30 + Speakers

On day 1 will discover how enterprises are using AI and you'll meet industry leaders in the AI space.

On day 2, you will put all that you learned to work in our full day AI workshop.

Hands on Workshop

Photos from AI Voice Summit NYC 

Partnerships @Google
Co-founder & CEO @Assist
Co-Founder & CEO @ Rasa
Voice UX @ Google
Founder @ChatbotsLife
CEO & Co-Founder @Dashbot
MD at
Co-Founder @SmartLoop.Ai
Chatbot Product Owner @Intuit
Co-founder & CEO @Botanalytics
CTO & Co-founder at CruiseBe
Co-founder & CEO
Co-founder & CEO @BotCopy
Founder @ Botmock
Founder & CEO @VOIQ
Principal at Scrum Ventures
Founder & Chief Growth Officer @ Fetch & Funnel
PM at Google
Co-Founder & CTO at
Senior Creative @TLGG
Managing Director at BotsCrew
Founder @Dataflix
Co-founder & Chief Creative Officer @ Botcopy
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